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Louisiana Insurers Increase Auto Premiums for Returning Veterans

Military veterans returning from an extended tour of duty often face unexpected challenges, as they try to return to their old lives and adjust to any new injuries. For many Louisiana vets, these challenges can also include paying significantly more for proper auto insurance – in most cases, up to 30% more than they paid before serving their country.

Although Louisiana state law dictates that active drivers must maintain continuous monthly insurance coverage, there’s no requirement that non-drivers continue their coverage. Unfortunately, this means that the biggest car insurance companies are quick to add penalties and increased rates whenever they perceive a “lapse in coverage,” regardless of the reason.

Anyone who must temporarily stop driving in their geographical area – including active members of the military, hospitalized patients, and incarcerated individuals – could receive much higher insurance rates once they start driving again. While not all car insurers add this kind of penalty, the ones that do are free to charge anywhere from 29% to 47% more for veterans who were previously uninsured.

Dedicated Legal Support for Injured Veterans

At Anderson Boutwell Traylor, we support the brave men and women who have served our country, and honor the incredible sacrifices they’ve made. As personal injury attorneys, we’ve seen firsthand how insurance companies tend to prioritize profits over people – and we’re committed to helping any veterans who become injured in a serious car accident.

Because Louisiana is a “direct action state,” the injured party can actually name an insurance company when bringing an auto accident lawsuit. With the help of our skilled legal team, you may be able to hold the insurer accountable for covering your crash injuries, especially if you are a returning service member who could not pay the heightened insurance rates.

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