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End of Life Registry Programs in the State of Louisiana

The Louisiana state government, specifically the Secretary of State’s Office, outlines the processes for filing legal documents that define an individual’s final wishes in the event of their death.

The Will Registration Process

A last will and testament provides details on how a person would like their property to be allocated when they pass away. Often, the subject of the will (called the “testator”) names family members or other people they would like to have their belongings when they die, and which items will be given to which person.

Will creation generally requires the assistance of a lawyer who can help the testator draft their plans. For the will to be legally binding, it must be registered with the state government. In Louisiana, it costs $10 both to file and retrieve a Will Registration Form, and additional copies are $20. Wills are kept completely confidential until the testator dies. After their death, those who wish to receive a copy of the will must provide a death certificate and proof of inheritance.

“Do Not Resuscitate” and Living Will Declarations

In addition to traditional will documents that define posthumous property distribution, the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office also registers living will declarations. In a living will declaration, a person can legally state that they would not like to be resuscitated or receive any kind of treatment that will keep the alive of they develop a fatal injury or disease. In the event that a fatal condition does occur, medical staff can receive a copy of the declaration.

A person who files a living will declaration receives a “Do Not Resuscitate” bracelet and ID. The declaration can be rescinded for a $5 fee (registration and copy fees are each $20).

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