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Man Indicted for Bribery Contributed to Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Campaign

Greg Lindberg, an insurance executive based in North Carolina, was indicted in April for attempting to bribe the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Mike Causey. Causey is not the only insurance commissioner who has a connection to Lindberg — the Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana, James Donelon, accepted $20,000 in campaign contributions from the same man.

Lindberg was indicted based on conversations with Causey that were recorded by the North Carolina commissioner. His donations to Donelon were transferred in four $5,000 installments that occurred in December 2017 and May 2018. The contributors were listed as Lindberg himself, as well as his companies Eli Research, LLC and Dunhill Holdings, LLC. Despite the well-known fact that Lindberg is under investigation for bribery conspiracy charges in relation to another state’s insurance commissioner, Donelon has made no moves to return the funds he received from the insurance executive.

The purpose of an insurance commissioner is to oversee the state’s industry and represent consumers. If a person has an issue with an insurance company, they can (in theory) turn to their state’s insurance commissioner to manage their complaints and provide educational resources. In Louisiana, the position of insurance commissioner is an elected office. Donelon was chosen by the people, but his election was largely made possible by contributions from insurance companies — according to the Bayou Brief, a sum totaling $680,000 since 2015.

The campaign funds provided by the indicted executive followed the selection of Southland National Insurance Company, another Lindberg venture, to buy failing Louisiana providers Mothe Life and DLE Life in 2014. The purchase was approved by Donelon.

Colorado Benefits Administrators, LLC is the only Lindberg company that is authorized to operate in Louisiana. Southland National Insurance Company, Eli Research, LLC, and Dunhill Holdings, LLC are not. Additionally, Southland was identified as “financially impaired” by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

Lindberg’s indictment raises further questions about his already questionable business dealings, and his connection to Donelon.

The “regulatory” arm of the Louisiana insurance industry is in the pockets of insurance providers. These same insurance providers fail the state’s residents every day by undervaluing or denying customer’s claims. Our firm represents those who were affected by insurance denials.

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