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Blue Collar Workers in Louisiana are Sold More Expensive Car Insurance, Study Finds

According to a recent study from the Bayou Brief, blue collar workers are often sold car insurance at a higher rate than white collar counterparts, based solely on their occupation. In particular, the study found Progressive and GEICO increased insurance rates for blue collar workers, unemployed drivers, and drivers without a college certificate. The average rate spike was 11%.

However, there were isolated incidents in which the insurance rates for certain drivers were massively increased without good reason. The Bayou Brief researchers found one story of a safe driver being charged 60% more by GEICO when compared to a driver with a similar driving record. The difference between the two of them? The driver getting the lower insurance rate was more educated and had a Master’s Degree.

The apparent biases against Louisiana drivers based on job and education levels stirred up controversy in a House Civil Law and Procedure Committee meeting earlier this year. Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon tried to counter the criticism against the insurance companies by claiming they were not allowed to use the job and/or education of a policyholder to set their insurance rates. However, Donelon’s own chief actuary corrected him, noting that insurance companies did have that ability. The meeting concluded with no promise from Donelon to correct the situation.

(You can learn more about this ongoing situation by clicking here and viewing a full article from the Bayou Brief.)

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