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Light Up the Sky on the 4th of July Event in Hammond & Fireworks Safety Tips

The City of Hammond, Louisiana is planning on ringing in Independence Day with a giant celebration called the “Light Up the Sky on the 4th of July” event. Nearly 4,000 individual fireworks effects will be positioned in Zemurray Park and are scheduled to paint the night sky with beautiful colors and designs. The exciting celebration is expected to draw in hundreds of people, if not more, from all around Louisiana.

In addition to the fireworks show, other attractions at the event will include:

  • Food booths
  • Music played by a DJ
  • Miniature train rides
  • Rock wall climbing

If you are interested in going, you can click here to visit the official Facebook event page. However, please be aware that there are potential dangers whenever you are near or using fireworks. Additionally, simply traveling for the Fourth of July will put you into the middle of major holiday traffic, which poses its own set of dangers. Before you head out for the event, or for any other Independence Day celebration, it is helpful to review some basic safety tips about fireworks and holiday travel.

Must-Have Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks are inherently dangerous by design. When mishandled, or manufactured with a defect, the chance of suffering an injury or starting a fire is high. Please always use precautions when using a firework or when attending a fireworks show, such as the “Light Up the Sky on the 4th of July” event.

Review this list of basic fireworks safety hints:

  • Never purchase, possess, or use fireworks not permitted in your specific county, town, or city. Every municipal has its own fireworks rules that you should know before the Fourth of July.
  • Never let children use any sort of firework.
  • Never let a firework while any part of your body is positioned directly above it.
  • Never try to reuse a firework, whether it lit successfully or unsuccessfully.
  • Always wait several minutes before moving and disposing a firework that did not light correctly.
  • Always move to a safe distance immediately after lighting any firework.
  • Always have an ample water source and fire extinguisher nearby when lighting any firework.
  • Always fully submerge in water any used firework for several hours, or the next morning.
  • Always dispose soaked and unusable fireworks in a nonflammable container.

Fourth of July Travel Safety Tips

The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts 2018 will be one of the busiest years for Fourth of July travel, despite the holiday occurring in the middle of the week. The average Independence Day traveler is planning on driving about 50 miles to get to a fireworks show, or the home of a friend or relative. This means the highways are going to be packed with traffic and distracted drivers. Hammond, Louisiana is sure to get crowded with its planned fireworks celebration.

Holiday travel tips you should keep in mind if you are driving for the 4th:

  • The afternoon of July 3rd will be the peak of traffic congestion. Avoid being on the road at this time if you can, perhaps by leaving much earlier or later for your plans.
  • Check your route before you leave to see if there are any useful detours that can help you stay out of traffic.
  • Allow no distractions in your vehicle as you travel. You should assign a passenger to keep an eye on a GPS map, if needed.
  • If you miss a turn, off-ramp, or on-ramp, do not panic. Continue to drive defensively and carefully until you can find a parking lot to stop in while you readjust your route. Many accidents are caused by drivers unexpectedly merging or turning to try to make a correction in a hurry.
  • Remember to bring ample supplies if your Fourth of July road trip takes you away from busy roads, such as a getaway to a campsite. You will need water, nonperishable food, flashlights, blankets, an emergency radio, compass, and so forth.

(You can get more information about Fourth of July travel by clicking here and viewing a full article from AAA.)

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