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What You Need to Know About Roundabout Intersections

A roundabout is a circular intersection that has been shown to be safer and more efficient than other forms of intersections. Roundabouts come in all shapes and sizes, some are oval or teardrop shaped, while others look like a peanut or a dog-bone. There are roundabouts that are small and there are those that are complex with multiple lanes. No matter what the roundabout looks like, the function and characteristics usually include the following things:

· Counterclockwise Flow: Traffic moves counterclockwise around a center island.

· Entry Yield Control: Vehicles coming into the roundabout have to yield to circulating traffic.

· Low Speed: The circular design forces traffic to move at lower speeds, usually 15-25 MPH.

Research has shown that roundabouts are safer, more efficient, less expensive, and more appealing to drivers than conventional intersection designs. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), roundabouts are a Proven Safety Countermeasure because they substantially reduce fatal car accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

FHWA says the following about roundabouts:

· Reduce fatalities up to 90%

· Reduce injury crashes up to 76%

· Reduce pedestrian crashes up to 30% to 40%

· Reduce road electricity and maintenance costs by an average of $5,000 per year

· Eliminates the costs to install and repair signal equipment

Although roundabouts are safer than other types of intersections, many drivers still don’t know how to properly navigate them. Sometimes, a driver who has never used a roundabout can cause a serious accident. Like any new innovation, it is important that people become familiar with how roundabouts function. About 1/4th of all traffic fatalities in the United States take place at intersections, which is why it is critical for drivers to know how to use roundabouts safely. The FHWA has materials available that explain the advantages and benefits of roundabouts to a variety of different audiences. You can find some of these resources in their Roundabouts Outreach & Education Toolbox.

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