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Concussions are Serious, Sports Should Treat them as Such

A string of lawsuits as well as new and continuing research have thrust concussions into the public debate spotlight. This has led to calls for more awareness, better protective measures, and further preventative efforts to try to limit these injuries as much as possible. However, pro sports leagues such as the NFL continue to drop the ball when it comes to concussions.

The NFL is perhaps the most egregious example. Numerous concussions go undiagnosed every season, allowing numerous players who should be under medical care and treatment to instead go back on the field. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is perhaps the best example, suffering numerous helmet-to-helmet hits. One even appeared to significantly injure him, which should have immediately had him pulled from the game. However, despite the protocols in place, he was allowed to continue to play.

The hard hits to the head are not the only ones to worry about either; many “sub-concussive” hits happen every season. These are much smaller and rarely produce symptoms, so a concussion is rarely diagnosed. However, these small impacts have a cumulative effect, and recent studies have linked these sub-concussive hits to the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

New research has shown that these types of impacts can be detrimental to a life from a very young age. Studies of football players between the ages of 8-13 showed that sub-concussive hits had an impact on the subjects’ axons, the nerve fibers in the brain’s white matter.

Beyond Sports; Concussions in the Domestic Sphere

Ray Rice found himself in a lot of hot water a few years back when he was captured on video beating his fiancé. This opened up the discussion to the brain trauma that can be inflicted by domestic violence, somewhat ironically when you consider it came due to the actions of an NFL player.

In this case, the blows to the head that Rice’s fiancé sustained were strong enough to render her unconscious. Experts believe that abused women, much like football players or military service members, are also at risk for brain issues, such as cognition and mood disorders.

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