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An Overview of Birth Injuries and Their Causes

Childbirth is an extremely delicate process with a wide potential for complications. As such, doctors, nurses, and obstetricians are specially trained to anticipate issues that may arise during childbirth and deal with them as they occur. Unfortunately, this standard of care is not always provided. When medical personnel fail to adhere to the standards of reasonable care, they may be held liable for any birth injuries that may occur as a result of their negligence.

To minimize the risk of injury, doctors are expected to:

  • Diagnose and treat complications that may arise during and before labor
  • Closely monitor a mother’s labor at all times
  • Inform mothers of all risks tied to certain medications
  • Promptly treat issues without delay during childbirth
  • Properly use delivery instruments

While a majority of births are completed smoothly and with few complications, newborn infants can suffer a wide range of devastating injuries and birth defects in the event that doctors and nurses fail to exercise proper care. Whether it is due to negligent prenatal care or by using reckless techniques during delivery, birth injuries are oftentimes completely avoidable if suitable medical methods are employed. But what are the differences between birth injuries and birth defects, and what role does a doctor play in causing each?

Birth Injuries vs. Birth Defects

Birth injuries occur due to a complication in the labor or delivery process and are almost always the result of some form of doctor negligence, such as improperly using forceps or vacuums or using a dangerous medical technique during delivery. Common types of birth injuries include broken bones, brain injuries, brachial plexus injuries, cerebral palsy, and nerve damage in infants.

Birth defects, on the other hand, occur during a baby’s development in the womb and are sometimes unavoidable. Heredity and a mother’s actions during pregnancy often have an effect on the development of birth defects, while others occur for unknown reasons. Some birth defects, however, can be directly caused by a doctor’s negligence. If a doctor prescribes a medication to a pregnant woman that is known to cause birth defects, the doctor or hospital may be held responsible for any harm that the baby may suffer.

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