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New Football Helmet Could Greatly Reduce Risk of Concussions

According to an article recently published by Forbes, A new protective football helmet currently being designed by VICIS and The University of Washington just may be the answer the NFL has been searching for to solve its concussion problem. After two years of research and development worth just under $10 million, VICIS’ Zero1 helmet has taken the football helmet industry by storm and thrown conventional technology out the window in favor of an innovative new design. Unlike traditional football helmets that were solely designed to protect against skull fracture and brain hemorrhages, the Zero1 helmet aims to reduce the frequency of brain injuries in football players by protecting against the rotational force believed to cause concussions.

The football helmet market has been dominated by companies such as Riddell for decades and has generally revolved around the same basic design – a hard outer shell with soft padding on the inside. VICIS took the traditional design and flipped it, opting for a softer outer structure that collapses upon impact, similar to a car bumper. When the helmet hits a hard object, its outer shell deforms and a series of inner columns disperse the force in all directions.

VICIS is one of three winners of the NFL’s Head Health Challenge II, a $60M endeavor to improve brain protection and develop new technologies to better prevent against brain injuries in athletes. While the helmets cost a whopping $1,500 a piece – nearly four times the cost of a high-end traditional football helmet – the company’s founder remains confident that the Zero1 will succeed in today’s market. According to VICIS co-founder Dave Marver, “We didn’t seek to make the least expensive helmet. We sought to develop the best helmet that we could, the safest helmet that we could.” VICIS hopes to rollout the helmets soon and offer them to current NFL teams and college football players, with plans to reduce the cost and make them more accessible to younger players sometime in 2017.

The Long-Term Effects of Concussions in Football Players

The long term effects of concussions on athletes has become a hot topic in the legal world in recent years, particularly in regards to the NFL. After studying the brains of more than 90 deceased NFL players with histories of concussions, including high-profile players such as Ken Stabler and Junior Seau, researchers discovered that repeated head trauma can lead to a degenerative condition known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), causing dementia-like symptoms, memory loss, aggression, and increased risks of suicide.

Reducing the frequency of concussions is a major issue for the NFL, who is currently facing a roughly $1 billion lawsuit from team owners and former players over the effects of CTE and the NFL’s alleged cover-up of this knowledge. While the NFL has implemented rules banning helmet-to-helmet hits and initiatives to more effectively treat concussions in recent years, these changes seem to have little impact. In fact, concussions increased by 58% in 2015 over the previous season’s numbers.

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